All characters have three downtime actions for each period of time between sessions of the chronicle. These actions must be spent between sessions, and do not roll over to the next period of time. A player should be able to describe their downtime actions in a single sentence. After receiving these actions, the storyteller may ask for additional details, instigate challenges, or require additional role-play to successfully fulfill the downtime action. For more about downtimes, read the section starting on page 307 of the core rulebook.

To allow enough time for processing, downtimes must submitted before two weeks prior to the next event.  

Learning a discipline will always require a short (one page) write-up detailing how the vampire learned and practices the discipline they are acquiring. 

Sample downtime actions include; crafting, feeding, investigating plot, patrolling your territory, beyond your means pushes (pg 308), and other actions as detailed by the Computer or Science skills

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