This form is for individuals who are interested in playing Elders in the Hidden Parlor ATX game. 

The role of an elder is not just about higher power and social standing in the game; approval to play an elder comes with out of character expectations of good sportsmanship and stewardship of the Hidden Parlor community. The players of Elder characters should be welcoming to all members of Hidden Parlor, and should be present at a majority of the HP ATX OOC social gatherings.

Happy hunting!

Name *
I understand that Elders are expected to remain at the gathering during play and from there facilitate their “employees” success and involvement in local plots. *
I understand that Elders are expected to refrain from list play and will endeavor to communicate primarily through their employees or written letters only. *
I understand that Elders will minimize their engagement in outbound proxies; they expect those they wish to speak to come to them. *
This restriction does not include physically traveling for events or to other Hidden Parlor games across the country.
At creation, each elder must have at least two PCs who are neonate/ancilla sworn to their elder either via boons, fealty, a blood bond, or other means of employment. After creation, the elder PC is expected to keep at least two “employees” at all times, if not grow their influence. If an elder falls below this number for more than three months, they will be extremely vulnerable and may not feel comfortable coming to gatherings or leaving the safety of their havens (Elder PCs who do not maintain followers will be Shelved). *
1. Who are the two characters that your elder will have as employees, and who plays them? 2. What is your goal in playing an elder, and how will you use your elder character to enrich the game? 3. A brief background and/or concept for your character.