Hello, friends!

As you know, we’ll be wrapping up the Hidden Parlor ATX chronicle as of November. While this timetable is shorter than anticipated, your staff is committed to bringing you a quality end to the story of our chapter… which includes input from you. We want to know what sort of goals or conclusions you want for your character; they can be very specific (such as meeting or having a scene with a certain NPC, having a resolution to a particular plot) or general (you’d like something from your background to come up, you’d like your character to have the opportunity to die heroically, you’d like to betray your clan).

As we move into the last few months, we want to be able to facilitate as much closure as possible for our dedicated players. Thank you all so much for every ounce of love and support you’ve given this game. All of this would not have been possible without you and your phenomenal characters.

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Player Name
Try to involve as many people as possible; make sure to contact those people beforehand so everyone understands the possible experience.
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