Anastasia Mars (Lead storyteller) -

Anastasia comes from a colorful storytelling background, and has been LARPing since 2008 and playing pretend for a long time before that. She brings to the table a passion for characters and deep stories, and hopes to bring to Hidden Parlor ATX both the personal horror and greater sense of mystery that characterizes the World of Darkness.
Contact Anastasia with questions about character building, the setting, and the story of the domain.

Bryan Barletta (Administrator) -

Bryan is the man with the plan.
Contact Bryan about your Volunteer Points (VPs), logistical concerns, or other administrative questions.

Mel Stern (Image Coordinator, Admin) -

Melissa has been an enthusiastic gamer in the Austin VLARP scene for nearly fifteen years. She brings her convention experience and creative vision to the Hidden Parlor Austin chapter with the hopes that her ambient mood-setting will show her fellow gamers that it's always OK to expect a little more out of LARP.
Contact Melissa with costuming and prop questions, as well as if you would like to donate any set pieces or assist with set design.