Hidden Parlor ATX: All is Flux, Nothing is Still

(Please also familiarize yourself with the Hidden Parlor global Camarilla setting: Of Kings and Pawns)

VST: Anastasia Mars

Theme: Mystery

Mood: Paranoia

Scope: Austin and the surrounding areas (San Marcos, Bastrop, Round Rock, Canyonlands)

Setting: Camarilla

Chronicle Teaser:

Austin is a city of flux.

The Texas capital has always waxed and waned – a population that shrinks and swells, industry booms and busts, even the weather strangles the city with drought then drowns her in torrential rain. Change comes to this city as easily and abruptly as the rolling hills turn to sheer cliffs in the picturesque hill country, and the immortals who have managed to survive the rises and the falls have carefully chronicled it all.

Even in the 21st century, to live in Austin is to live on some continual frontier where the unknown always lurks. No Prince here has ever ruled uninterrupted by tragedy; some disappear, some run away, but most simply die. While the looming threat of the Sabbat and the constant assault by confederations of hunters appear to be common threats in most American cities, there have been murmurs about something darker, something different that fuels the fluctuations of Austin. Something inextricable from the very soul of the city itself.

The sitting Prince is a Ventrue warhorse named Ursa Grunwald. Despite her best efforts to break the cycle that plagues this Camarilla court, the assassinations of the Brujah and Ventrue primogen along with her Seneschal over the last half of 2014 led the Prince to reluctantly order her court to go to ground until the safety of the court could be guaranteed. Now, it is two years later: the city is growing, the drought is over, and cautiously the predators of Austin are beckoned to return to their politics.

But Austin is a city of flux, and the court waits for the other shoe to drop.

Graduated XP Cap: Yes, per Hidden Parlor Membership Handbook

Clan Rarity Adjustments:


Common Clans
Pillar Clans (Brujah, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Toreador, Tremere, Ventrue) + Gangrel

Uncommon Clans
Assamite (Camarilla loyal), Caitiff, Followers of Set, Giovanni, Ravnos, Toreador Bloodline: Volgirre

Rare Clans
Assamite (non-loyal to the Camarilla), Assamite Bloodline: Sorcerer, Baali, Brujah Bloodline: True Brujah, Cappadocians, Daughters of Cacophony, Gangrel Bloodline: Ahrimanes, Gangrel Bloodline: Noiad, Gargoyles, Lasombra, Salubri, Tremere Bloodline: Telyav, Tzimisce

(Note: If a specific bloodline isn’t mentioned, assume that it is “common” for the sake of character creation; the merit points for the bloodline must still be paid.)


Setting Specific Mechanics:

  •  There will be a cap on Elders based on a percentage of the player population; in order to maintain feelings of safety and security, each elder needs to have at least two neonate/ancilla player characters who are under their employ and protection.
    • These connections may be kept secret but will be noted OOCly on the sheets of connected characters.
    • We are not currently accepting Elder submissions at this time.

Storyteller Notes:

  • This game focuses on the Camarilla fighting a number of shadow wars against foes both known and unknown. Characters should primarily be Camarilla Loyalists in name, if not deed.
  • There will be a cap on Uncommon Clans based on a percentage of the player population. All Uncommon Clans who are not members of the Camarilla must be members of the Independent Alliance with the “Emissary to the Camarilla” merit.
    • We are not currently accepting Uncommon clan submissions at this time.
  •  Rare Clans will not be approved for play at this time.
  • Merits/Flaws which require a background and a conversation with the VST and may not be approved:
    • Golconda Seeker (pp 249)
    • Infernal Power (pp 250)
    • Necromantic Training (pp 252)
    • Thaumatergic Training (pp 253)
    • Paths other than Humanity (starting pp 253)
    • Dark Secret (pp 261)
    • Disease Carrier (pp 262)
    • Hunted (pp 263)
    • Infamous Brood (pp 263)
    • Architect of the Tower (pp 404)
    • Machiavellian Prodigy (pp 404)
    • Prestigious Sire (pp 405)
    • Forgiven Diablerie (pp 405)