What to bring

New to vampire LARP? Never fear - Hidden Parlor ATX is happy to provide a list of things to bring to game to have a good time!

The most important thing to bring is you - every person who shows up contributes to the game with their creativity and their trust in the community. More than anything, showing up to a Hidden Parlor ATX event with a good attitude is the best start to any game.

Character Sheet:
Make sure you complete your character sheet prior to your first game! You can use any BNS-compliant sheet, but Hidden Parlor ATX has a digital one available for player use.
Costume and Make-up:
Your costuming (both clothing and make-up) is a great way to distinguish your character and contribute to the atmosphere and immersion of the total game. Don’t worry about having something too fancy; just having a signature piece is great!
Pen & Paper:
Having any kind of writing utensil and a small journal or notebook will give you a place to make notes (both in character - IC - and out of character - OOC).