This form is for individuals who are interested in playing an Uncommon Clan in the Hidden Parlor ATX game.

Playing an Uncommon Clan means you will be outnumbered in the city of Austin and the court as a whole may treat you with fear, derision or fetishistic wonder. If you are not a member of the Camarilla, you will be outside the protections of the court and thus may find your character the subject of a great deal of scrutiny and may face harsh social sanctions and exclusion from some courtly politics.

A player who wishes to portray an Uncommon Clan understands the difficulties and the social ramifications that come with playing an Uncommon Clan. 

Happy hunting!

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Please select a clan from the drop-down menu.
I understand that playing an Uncommon Concept will potentially make my character a target of IC social sanction and potential PvP (physical/social) in the Hidden Parlor ATX setting.
1. What about your concept makes it necessary to be portrayed by an Uncommon clan or bloodline? 2. How do you intend to augment and enrich the Hidden Parlor ATX setting (about a Camarilla court) with your Uncommon concept? 3. Please give a brief background/concept for this character.